Why relationships are the new creative advertising

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Good news to all creatives, who don’t work in high-powered ad firms. Thankfully, we’re moving towards a world, where anyone with a good idea has power to influence others. The internet is the best and the most trusted source of information on any subject, with any degree of formality, on demand.

Online advertising as we know it (banners, native ads, advertorials etc) is slowly dying. Banner ad click-through-rate has declined from 9% in the mid-90s to just 0.1% today. At the same time, 70% of consumers claim to prefer getting to know a brand through articles rather than ads. Distracting pop-up banners and annoying click through ads, that appear on your screen, when you are actually trying to read the article, that you actively chose to read, just do not make sense any more.

Commercial messages, pushed through whatever medium in order to reach a potential customer, who is in the middle of doing something else, will fail. This is not because we no longer need information about products and services, it is rather that we gain this information from other sources and we choose when and how we want it. There are no creative advertising gods sitting on their thrones telling us what we need. We choose our own influencers, who come from all walks of life – professional and unprofessional. They are our go-to people, whose ideas we like and trust.

 Now, this is the bad news for advertisers: they are no longer trusted, in fact – they are not even heard (do you remember the last online ad you saw?). What should they do, then? They should transform into relationship builder and key influencers by creating and sharing valuable content for free with the aim to educate the customers so that they begin to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

Content marketing is everything that advertising is trying to achieve, but doesn’t do so well online; that is, to get people engaging with your brand. Content marketing is everywhere you look, or listen. It can take any form of communication – written, visual, audio, video. Content marketing is new creative advertising.

Advertisers need to understand their customers better by actually talking to them and building genuine relationships based on trust.

The internet is the most liberating of all mass media developed to date, which makes it the best tool for everybody who wants to be heard – not exclusively brands.

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We live in the era of good ideas. Share them!

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