SEO starts with your website.


Links and content are the top two ranking factors, but a badly optimised site could negate any positive effects from links and content. That is why a thorough site audit is an important aspect of any SEO strategy.

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A technical SEO audit can vary per site, but here at 90 Digital, what we look into can be broken down into two key areas.

Ultimately, this equates to ensuring a website is being crawled and indexed optimally. Before we even start to think about any changes to your site, we need to know how Google sees it. A technical SEO audit will show us if you’re being crawled, which pages are being given priority, and what’s being indexed.

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What we investigate on your website.


We can perform various types of SEO audit, depending on the size of your website and what you need. During a Technical SEO Audit, we will identify any indexing and crawl issues that need to be fixed. A crawl strategy will be created and we will then work closely with you and your developers to implement any suggested changes and continue to improve the onsite elements of your website. 

We provide you with clear recommendations on:

Site Structure

Your site structure can dictate which pages rank and how well they rank.

Internal linking.

Internal links and strategic use of anchor text can help pages rank for target keywords.

Keyword mapping

To avoid keyword cannibalisation and ensure that the best pages are ranking for target keywords that will ultimately lead to higher conversions, we need to map key word themes to target pages.

Onpage SEO

This involves optimising meta tags, urls, headings, and content for the target keywords mapped to the pages to ensure that the pages rank for the keyphrases identified.

Audits, analyses and crawls.

*Dynamic sitemap requires dev or 3rd party tool

*Site Crawlability & Indexability Audit

*Audit Site Redirects

*Canonicalisation Analysis

*Review Meta Robots & Directives

Optimisation of robots.txt & GoogleBot Crawls

Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects

Creation & Registrations of Static sitemap.xml

*Navigation Structure Audit

Image Optimisation (alt text)

*URL Structure Analysis

Google Data Highlighter (

*Internal Linking Restructuring & Optimisation

Mobile Optimised Audit

Pagespeed Analysis

Audit hreflang Attributes

Measurement is core to any activity.


To make sure what we’re doing works, we track all of our activity and define what success looks like for you.

Measurable metrics - which user activities help us get closer to and achieve your goals?

We work closely with you to calculate accurate goal values, making it easier to keep track of ROI.

We create relevant segments based on our measurement plan. This will allow us to drill down into target markets to see how they’re performing.

We set up custom reports and dashboards, tailored to your business and projects, that make it easier to develop a data driven culture with your entire team.

Some of the tools we use when conducting a Technical SEO Audit.

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