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Wetherell’s specialise in the top end of Mayfair the property market. The highest valued house on their books at time of writing is £35,000,000. (Equivalent to 144 average houses in the UK).  With so few buyers and sellers in this price bracket, trust and reputation is core. People ‘buy’ into Peter Wetherell’s influence and ability to get huge deals transacted.

For this campaign, Peter Wetherell, the owner of Wetherell estate agents had adopted an advocacy strategy by positioning himself as the main driver to build renewed awareness for an exclusive part of Central London called Tybernia. [25]

Source: twitter.com

The strategy was to build an influential online footprint leveraging all the offline PR activity led by Alex Lawrie a property PR specialist. The aim was to rank an article from a news paper No1 for keyphrase ‘tyburnia’.

Alex won placements in The Sunday Times, Metro, City AM and The Evening Standard . The Online agency 90 Digital, wasn’t able to work with the Sunday Times story because they had put up a paywall. The Metro and City AM, whilst good papers didn’t have the authority of The Evening Standard.

The Evening Standard was the only paper which 90 Digital wanted to promote because it had a combination of search engine friendliness relevance and the most authority.

Once the story was released online, there was an immediate outreach campaign to promote this story, led by Aferdita Pacrami the team led on this project. Several sites subsequently linked to the Evening Standard story. This meant the story had a really good chance of ranking for the term ‘tyburnia’.

The promotional process:

  • Peter Wetherell published a report called ‘Tyburnia, Belgravia’s Sister’

  • His PR agency Lawrie Cornish, promoted the report amongst the traditional papers targeting placement in the Sunday Times, City AM, Metro, London Evening Standard.

  • Peter’s digital agency 90 Digital, co-ordinated with the PR agency and re-purposed the newspaper story for online consumption.

  • All the targeted papers published the story offline.

  • The 90 Digital focused on the Evening Standard’s online version of the story.

  • The Evening Standard online story was promoted to over 50 relevant sites.

  • When the story was taken by some of these websites, many of the ‘credit’ links went to the source story from the Evening Standard

The outomes: The Evening Standard story subsequently ranked No1 for ‘Tyburnia’ on Google.co.uk and two other pages from the wetherell.co.uk ranked in 4th and 5th positions.

The 600 year old place name ‘Tyburnia’ is now associated with (amongst other things)

  • Peter Wetherell as a thought leader

  • A comprehensive property report on Tyburnia

  • An opportunity to buy property in this upcoming area.

Conclusion: This small example shows how timely and relevant online influence can be created through leveraging search to build the authority of a brand through ways other than online reviews.

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