What does Digital PR mean at 90 Digital? And what does it mean for a brand like Weston Homes

First and foremost, we identify our target – we know exactly who do we want our articles, photo-montages or infographics to read.

Our audience dictates the websites we are after (not vice versa). That can mean that for some niches, like property development (i.e. Weston Homes a client of ours) , obvious mainstream sites are not always the best options.

We use Persona based content marketing techniques to think outside the box. It means we ask questions such as what else our target is interested in except the obvious? Where do they get their information from? What do they buy? Where do they shop? We don’t limit our content to one industry only. That helps our message to travel wider and that is what differentiates us from traditional PR. Wetherell Estate Agents gets publicity in national papers, niche sites, blogs and social media in industries like property news, design, home décor, celebrity lifestyle, travel and fashion.

Another main difference from traditional PR is that we utilize Google infrastructure. By using different tools, we know what people are talking about on Google or Twitter at that particular time. By tailoring our content around popular topics, we help our content not only to be seen and shared by many people, but also to rank higher on search.

When it comes to both content and placement, they are equally important to us, because no matter how great content we create, if it doesn’t reach the target audience, it has no value on its own. Right kind of traffic on authority website is the key!

We’ve been practising with diverse content strategy recently. Social Media has proven to be vital if we want many people to see our content. Social Media is also great for search – the more hits a page gets, the more likely Google will trust it.

We utilize our network of authors, journalists, bloggers and social media influencers from different industries to get our message travel wider. And often we do it by working on a project with them, not necessarily for them.

Everything starts with a problem statement. What does our client want to achieve?


In the case of Weston Homes, Our main aim is to get the best editorially justifiable backlinks possible to their site. More great backlinks, the greater the likelihood of getting the site ranked.

Working with PR agency Lawrie Cornish, we have access to various stories and media assets being put out about Weston Homes. Having done our profiling of the landscape, we dug into some of the stories being put out for Weston by the PR agency.

Because Lawrie Cornish are a really good PR agency, they manage to get a stream of interesting stories about Weston into mainstream media.

They released a story about Weston Homes getting funding allowing them to build £1,000,000,000 – yes £1bn in new property developments over the next 10 years. LINK


As a way of generating some PR, Weston built a Lego themed bedroom. It made the telegraph. LINK

Despite a regular flow of interesting stories coming from Lawrie Cornish, the most useful story for us has been the Lego story. Why? because the internet loves Lego. It also turns out there were several high quality images and extra facts that weren’t used in the Telegraph, so these became collateral for winning placements with some excellent sites. This means some great links which we believe have really helped Weston Homes gain search visibility.

Weston Homes search visibility over time

Weston Homes search visibility over time



Here is a recap on our processes: (We found sites around the logo story from this method)

1) Brainstorm
Once client pain is identified, we sit down with the whole team to brainstorm ideas about what is the best way to overcome the pain. What should we do and who should we work with?

Client pain can be everything from beating their competitor in rankings for the certain key phrase to reducing visibility of bad reviews. With the latter we can work with high authority websites that rank for the key phrase you are after and get a positive content out there, that will push the older bad review to the second search page.

2) Ideas
Every team member is given 5 minutes to write down 3 ideas about what kind of content, industries and websites are the most suitable to tackle the problem.

3) Google Trends
Now that the best 3-5 ideas are on the table, it is important to know what people are talking about regarding these topics. Can we get an expert to disagree or add value to something written already? Can we view the problem from different angle or take it to the next level? Who can help us with our plan? Is it a journalist or an expert in that field? Do we know somebody, who can help us? Joined PR has proven to be very successful tactic, because it is mutually beneficial for all the participants.

4) Get friendly with journalist, site owners and experts
At 90 Digital, email is the least persuasive way to influence people. That is why we are active on social media, trying to stay on top of all the latest news. We call and meet people we do business with, as opposed to email. People are much more reluctant to say ‘no’ to us when they know us personally.

In digital marketing people tend to communicate via email, which doesn’t work, because important people get hundreds other emails like yours. If you don’t stand out, you are not taken seriously.

Personal relationships is something we at 90 Digital are constantly nurturing. We attend meetups and conferences, do presentations and talks.

5) Get journalist to work with you
Create a mutually useful campaign. Your client wants rankings, journalist recognition and experts publicity. When you know it, it is easier to create a content that will get accepted.

SEO success isn’t dependent on technology such as algorithm and Page Rank, it is very much human oriented industry. You have to appeal to people – they own websites and they read them, too.

Knowing and working with the right people have been the key to our success!

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