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Providing state of the art varicose vein treatments from multiple locations across London, Radiance Vein Clinic have established themselves as a front-runner in an increasingly critical and competitive specialist medical field these past few years.

The team at Radiance initially reached out to us seeking assistance with their website. Following some consultation, our ultimate proposal was stripped down to focus solely on competitive keyword SERP rankings, intending to drive more relevant traffic to the site and increase leads.

One thing the majority of medical topics have in common is complexity. Varicose veins are no exception; the internet is awash with thousands of pages crammed with information on the subject, all vying for rankings. Combine this oversaturation of information with the daunting process of finding and selecting suitable assistance when it’s needed, and you’re left not only with a bewildered patient but a gap in the market. On top of that, it’s hard to know who to trust since most clinics are local and don’t have a high level of brand awareness.

Our challenge was therefore to position Radiance as the go-to solution for varicose vein sufferers in the UK market, and internationally renowned vascular surgeon, Eddie Chaloner, as an industry thought leader. After a decline in organic traffic in 2016, the brief for 2017 was clear: to recover from that loss and to bring more traffic to the website from organic channels.

We had three main goals:

  • To bring more traffic in from search engines.
  • To increase the number of conversions from organic traffic.
  • To keep ranking in first positions for business-critical keywords.

To reach those goals, we worked together with Radiance in order to create onsite and offsite content that would answer some of the most regularly asked questions related to their specialist topics, bringing the right traffic to the website.



Our approach of keeping the website relevant for the target demographic and working with third party websites to create content that answers users’ questions paid off:

  • Compared to 2016, there were 17.74% more total sessions on the Radiance website.
  • Organic traffic increased almost 30% in 2017.
  • Total number of conversions went up.
  • Ranking with a positive trend all year round.

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