Radiance Vein Clinic LogoProviding state of the art varicose vein treatments from multiple locations across London, Radiance Vein Clinic have established themselves as a frontrunner in an increasingly critical and competitive specialist medical field these past few years.

The team at Radiance initially reached out to us seeking assistance with their website. Following some consultation, our ultimate proposal was stripped down to focus solely on competitive keyword SERP rankings, intending to drive more relevant traffic to the site and increase leads.


One thing the majority of medical topics have in common is complexity. Varicose veins are no exception; the internet is awash with thousands of pages crammed with information on the subject, all vying for rankings. Combine this oversaturation of information with the daunting process of finding and selecting suitable assistance when it’s needed, and you’re left not only with a bewildered patient but a gap in the market. On top of that, it’s hard to know who to trust since most clinics are local and don’t have a high level of brand awareness.

Our challenge was therefore to position Radiance as the go-to solution for varicose vein sufferers in the UK market, and internationally renowned vascular surgeon, Eddie Chaloner, as an industry thought leader. However, it soon became apparent that links and content would not be enough to achieve the necessary results and so it was agreed that a brand new website would also be required to elevate Radiance Vein Clinic to the level of which it was deserving. The new site needed to be simpler to read and answer frequently asked questions honestly and openly. Our challenges were then to rebuild the site, recover from the lost traffic, and improve rankings. All of this in the shortest time possible.


Engagement drives Google. What users want and choose to engage with will always rank: it’s that simple. By delivering the best answers to user questions, we rank. And so that was our working strategy for Radiance.

Other notes for consideration included:

1. The sensitive nature of cosmetic surgery as a whole. To ensure the site was trustworthy and engaging, we had to be sure the content addressed common concerns and offered actionable solutions; so we started out by identifying what the main concerns and questions that people had were.

2. The importance of an intuitive website structure. Good ‘SEO housekeeping’ was applied to the new site, but most importantly, our intention was to create a site that prioritised the flow of information most relevant to the user and so user experience was at the forefront of all design choices.

Radiance Vein Clinic Quiz Screenshot
3. Ongoing content optimisation and user engagement. Building the right website was only half the battle; we knew that what came after would be just as crucial. We worked closely with one of the practice surgeons to place content on trusted medical platforms elsewhere online, establishing Radiance as an authority while simultaneously creating conversations between the brand and those searching for information.


In the year following the relaunch, the new website not only recovered successfully from the lost traffic but it also went beyond and saw a 50 percent increase in the number of user sessions.

Radiance also got solid rankings on Google.co.uk for the most relevant phrases, obtaining the first three positions for keywords such as ‘scleotherapy London’ and ‘evlt vein treatment’.

Northern Digital Awards Shortlist Badge




This campaign received a shortlist award for the Best Low-Budget SEO Campaign, Northern Digital Awards 2015.

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