PCL are a highly successful and trusted brand within their sector in the UK. We started working with them when their website was newly launched. Our overall aim was to create awareness and online visibility for the new brand.

Our goals were as follows:

  • To rank in a sustainable way in a very competitive market. The medical negligence segment is one of the most aggressive in search marketing. The big players have been established for a long time and cost-per-click rates come in at a dizzying £50+.
  • To increase organic traffic by building strong link equity and resonance with the target demographic through relevant onsite and offsite content.
  • To create a conversion strategy with onsite element testing and optimisation.
  • To increase awareness, trust and engagement of the brand by improving onsite content and SEO to improve targeted rankings.



We worked closely with the marketing team at PCL to keep the strategy in-line with changing goals and new competitors entering the market. Our approach paid off. The site started to rank in the first positions for our main keyword – ‘medical negligence’ – and improved organic traffic quarter on quarter. The rankings have held out and conversion / engagement metrics on the PCL domain continue to grow exponentially.

In 2015 versus 2016, the organic traffic increased by 35.82%, and in 2016 versus 2017, organic traffic increased by 12.65%. In a highly saturated and growing industry, PCL have succeeded in staying relevant and valuable to their users. Compared to the very first month of the ongoing campaign, we have successfully managed to:

  • Increase the Organic Conversion Rate by 32.55%
  • Increase the Organic Goal Completion Rate (Number of Conversions) by 394.20%
  • Increase the Overall Goal Completion Rate (Number of Conversions) by 560.87%
  • Increase Organic User Engagement (Pages/Session) by 5.42%

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