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In March 2014, Fletchers Solicitors – one of the top medical negligence solicitors in the UK – launched a new brand named Patient Claim Line (PCL); a website where people who have suffered as a result of medical negligence can make a claim or ask for advice within this complex and increasingly prominent legal area.

There was a definite goal when PCL launched, which was to become the primary lead generator for Fletchers by growing and becoming a brand that people would trust.


We faced two core challenges during this campaign:

– Rank PCL sustainably in a highly competitive market – as one of the most competitive verticals in search marketing, the medical negligence sector consists of many high ranking, prominent players who have been established for an extended period of time, and paid media rates are typically in the region of £50 for CPC.

– Resonate with the target demographic in a way to build trust in PCL. Without building high levels of trust, success would have been near impossible as 64 percent of people affected by medical negligence usually wait for over a year before seeking help. There’s an inevitable sense of fear and uncertainty associated with the decision to proceed with a lawsuit of this kind, which is why trust and identification play a crucial role in establishing a new service in this industry.


A strong, relevant link equity and resonance with the target persona are the key elements that would impact rankings positively, and so the campaign was designed with these in mind with three separate components of focus:

– Website: build an engaging website that would aim to answer core questions about medical negligence. Using verbal and visual codes would set PCL apart and evoke trust with the target.

– Content and links: work with a team of qualified writers, medical and legal experts, and be strict about the quality of the placements.

– Multi-channel consistency: collaborate with PCL’s PR agency, PR One, to bring consistency to the brand experience, ensure relevance in multiple moments of the user journey, and generate more brand awareness.


Our approach – cooperation for a consistent user journey and resonance with the target – paid off. The results were outstanding, and with very few referring domains, we ranked in the first positions for our main keyword – ‘medical negligence’. The rankings have held out, while conversion and every engagement metric on the site grew substantially.

UK Search Awards Badge

This campaign received shortlist awards for the Best Integrated Campaign and Best SEO Campaign, UK Search Awards 2015.

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