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Money Pug is a deal finder and price comparison website.

They launched one year ago in maybe one of the most competitive industries in the UK. They want to establish their brand as the go to place for comparing everything that will help their visitors to save money and make wise choices.

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The Challenge

Money Pug came to us right after they launched their website asking for a PR push and exposure. Their offering was in the UK’s most competitive markets, price comparison websites. A market that has well established brands. On top of the competition, their website offers affiliate links with financial products, categories that are frowned upon online and it is almost impossible to get organic, non paid mentions on national news outlets.

The Strategy

Our goal was to gain free editorial brand mentions, where Money Pug’s target audience is. In order to achieve that, we had to come up with a solid content strategy, that would draw journalists’ attention. 

As Money Pug was not a well established brand in the comparison market, we had to target consumer behaviour so we can in time raise brand expertise. 

In order to do this, we analysed Money Pug’s target audience, bargain shoppers and people that always want to compare options before they act. We also took into consideration parents, that are usually more budget conscious when it comes to any decision that has to do with their kids. Even if that means which sport to pick up. 

We then came up with a simple idea. 

“The total cost of picking up a sport, to learn it, to practice it and to buy the equipment. We compared this total cost to the amount that a professional player makes a year, playing that sport. Lastly, in order to make it more appealing, we calculated the possibilities for someone to become a professional player.” 

Data findings were really interesting so we wanted to package them in the best way possible. We created 3 different types of content: An interactive infographic that would live on our clients’ website, a static one and a thorough research document with all the data. We  then used those visualisations to pitch our story to our media liaisons in target outlets so they can publish stories around our research. 

We focused on two different angles: 

  1. Focusing on specific sport professionals or sports – targeting sports outlets
  2. Focusing on the numbers, costs vs possibilities – targeting national and big online outlets. 

The Results

We managed to get the story, and our client’s brand name,was mentioned in top tier online and even in print publications. Our research was picked up and re published by smaller websites. 

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