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Imperva are a leading company within their industry, but prior to working with us, most of their direct competitors were ranking for far more keywords than they were. On top of that, they were ranking for a small number of relevant non-branded keywords in the first 20 positions. There seemed to be a missing opportunity in terms of attracting more users on search engines, and that is why they came to us.

Our goals were as follows:

  • Improve rankings for relevant keywords
  • Improve rankings for niches they operate in
  • Increase qualified traffic from organic channels


We worked on a full SEO strategy, to include:

  • Technical evaluation of the website
  • Keyword research and identification of possible keyword cannibalisation (due to the size of the website and its complex structure)
  • Onsite content recommendations based on ranking positions and competitors outranking Imperva
  • Backlinks from relevant sources

After six months, we saw hugely positive results, with rankings and traffic going up month-on-month. As well as rankings improving, we’ve seen organic traffic boom:

  • Q1 of 2018 saw 14.65% more sessions than Q4 2017, and 14% more sessions than the same period in 2017

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