The free all in one Excel data grabbing, manipulation and exporting tool for Google SERPs, Majestic, SEMRUSH and Alchemy (content classifier)
or in tech language…
It’s an API interface for medium scale data retrieval from SEMRUSH and Majestic and has a nice Google scraper thrown in.

DATAGRABBER 2.2 – Mac & Excel 2003 upwards compatible (Now with Alchemy API) 

This is thoroughly reworked version of Datagrabber. The logic has been taken out of Excel and now happens server side. This change means Datagrabber can run on Mac and all the way back to Excel 2003. Bear in mind, it is Beta, so stuff my not work. Were working through it all. I hope you like using it. Any feedback/bug reports etc? can you mail nick.garner (@) 90digital.com ?


DATAGRABBER 1.4 – Microsoft Excel 2013 only / Windows operating system

This is the original version of data grabber, which works on your local machine. Because it doesn’t need to talk to a server, it’s is as powerful as your local desktop machine.


Both tools are running in beta…. So if you want to know about updated versions, just join the mailing list below.

What is DataGrabber?

Datagrabber is an Excel based tool which uses APIs to communicate with SEMRUSH (keyword and ranking data) and Majestic (link data from sites). It pulls the data directly into Excel and generates a spreadsheet where you can manipulate the data. You can query, slice, dice and export data in unique ways and easily aggregate large numbers of sites or pages.

Datagrabber also scrapes Google and has a feature called Share of Search that gives you a very concise overview on who is ranking for what keyword amongst a particular keyword group. One important thing… this version is not Mac friendly…but the new Beta Datagrabber 2.0 is.

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