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At 90 Digital, we use an adapted version of a marketing method called Inbound Marketing. This is the process of attracting, converting and engaging users to help a business flourish, building trust and value with its customers. The online world is constantly changing and this approach allows us to do business in a human, approachable and valuable way. Inbound marketing is a proven way to market your business, sell your products and services, and build relationships with your customers.



Attracting customers is the first step in our inbound marketing strategy. Our ‘Attract’ services turn your prospects into online users and website visitors. It entails careful consideration of your buyer personas, along with industry insights and competitor analysis. By auditing your website at this stage, we can ensure your online business is ready to face the world with a tailored approach to keyword rankings and attract the right user through a variety of channels and publications. Brand awareness plays a huge part at this stage in the process and seeing your brand grow online, while an increase of traffic flows to your site, will ensure you’re ready for the next stage of the process, which optimises for maximum conversions and sales.

89% of online consumers use search engines when making a purchase decision.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is essential if you want to be found online. Optimising your website effectively can improve your site visibility, traffic, engagement, and conversions. Ultimately, increasing business and having an overall positive effect on ROI.

Backlink Profile Manager

Having a natural and high quality backlink profile is very important for all of your SEO efforts. A successful backlink profile can help you gain control over your organic rankings and improve traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword selection and optimisation is the backbone of every SEO strategy and most of our services rely on a well executed keyword research. In terms of clear KPIs it helps us to optimise so we can improve rankings and traffic.

Competitor Research

Any traffic you get to your website, in general, is traffic that has come to you over a competitor and this is why it is imperative to know what your competition looks like and how they work.

Paid Media

Paid media campaigns provide an instant boost in website traffic and can be used to promote specific products or services. We offer PPC services in combination with a full SEO strategy or as a standalone service.

Digital PR

Online PR offers many more capabilities for content creation and presentation, such as videos, infographics and microsites. Everything is faster and more dynamic, so users can really get close to your brand before and after converting.


Once you have traffic coming to your website and you can see people talking about your brand online, it’s time to turn your visitors into fully qualified leads, by optimising your user journey and conversion funnel. This process involves auditing and improving each step of the funnel on your website, from colours, placement, buttons and text, to full page redesigns and content creation.

Content marketing generates 3x as many leads as traditional marketing, but costs 62% less.

Content Marketing

Content, whether onsite or offsite, is an imperative addition to any marketing efforts. Here at 90 Digital, we select the type of content for your specific business goals. We make sure it is well combined with your overall strategy and produce it using our in-house team of experts. A solid content strategy will help you improve the type and number of rankings you have, as well as organic traffic.

User Experience

UX is not just about what a website looks and feels like, but how it works. UX Optimisation, done correctly, can improve bounce rates, dwell times, pogo sticking rates, overall user engagement and conversions. It's all well and good getting high levels of traffic to your website, but UX is what makes users stay.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Traffic is worthless if it does not convert on your website. Conversion Rate Optimisation is about turning your website users into subscribers, followers, prospects and customers. The user funnel is both a tricky and a simple concept in which each step needs to be analysed and optimised for maximum efficiency from both a user experience and search engine perspective to obtain the highest number of conversions from your users.


The final step in the strategy is to turn your leads into long-term customers by keeping them engaged and interested in your brand. Building communities and trusted relationships with your clients will ensure they return to your website and you gain repeat conversions. Word of mouth is still a very powerful marketing tool and so the more people you reach, the more people they will reach for you. Keeping a clean and active reputation profile, replying to reviews and complaints and being present on different platforms will show your customers that they can count on you.

88% of consumers have read reviews on social media or other sites to determine the quality of a local business.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to improve brand awareness and improve customer and potential customer engagement. We create social media strategies that address your business KPIs so social can act as a supplement to your overall marketing initiatives and business strategy. Ongoing social media and community management gives businesses the ability to grow their social media audiences and general reach and engagement with members of the public.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is the image your brand portrays online. More precisely, what your consumers can find/say about you on social media and search engines. Nowadays, online reputation is paramount as the internet changed the customer journey: before buying a product, people search for information online and what they find at this stage will influence the purchase decision. 88% of consumers are reading reviews on social media or other sites to determine the quality of a local business.

SEO Consultancy

SEO must always be a consistent effort - one-off SEO tactics almost never pay off. The SEO world is ever changing and you need to evolve your business in line with updates and user behaviour at all times. Hiring us as your SEO Consultants ensures that you always have someone to rely on when it comes to all of your SEO needs. We will implement your SEO strategy and monitor your competitors to make sure that you are always on top of the competition in your industry.

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