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Case Study: The Million Pound Goal

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Ahead of the 2017 European Championships, 90 Digital was asked to provide campaign content for BetVictor’s Million Pound Goal promotion and it produced a real opportunity to provide a key content strategy over a long tournament.

It was a huge offer too, with £1 million paid to one lucky winner at the end of the competition so how did we approach the content strategy?

The Concept

One Goal, One Player, One Minute, One Million:

Name the player to open the scoring in the final of Euro 2016 and the exact minute that the ball hits the net. There is a £1m prize fund for winning entries.

The Brief

We were given a very wide brief to create onsite content based exclusively around goals. Great goals, lucky goals, record breakers etc. These would be notable goals for a number of reasons but ultimately they would be ‘just another goal’ and not the one to trigger a £1m prize fund.

In addition, there would be linkbuilding covering similar topics, linking back to the promo page.


When a big event such as the European Championships comes along, it’s very tempting to go all misty eyed with nostalgia and pour through decades of history. It can certainly be interesting to track the history of any great sporting occasion but the key is to keep things relevant and that means linking past events and looking for betting trends.

A single article outlining that history is important for SEO purposes and it can also prove to be an interesting read but the important thing is not to overdo it. A trip down memory lane can turn into a content cul-de-sac with repeated nostalgia articles that have no direct relevance to this year’s event.

Prior to Euro 2016, there had been 14 previous tournaments across 44 years so there had been a lot of scope to base content around notable goals from all of those tournaments. The important point here is to keep that content relevant. This isn’t about nostalgia it’s about identifying trends that could help the punters make their selection for the Million Pound Goalscorer.

There was the first ever goal in a tournament final:

Links Here

The 150/1 Goal: outsiders Greece take the trophy in 2004

Links Here

The Loneliest Goal: The story of the short-lived CIS national football team

Links Here

The history of the Euros gave us plenty of examples but while nostalgia is great, it’s important to strike a balance so further articles were more current.

Links Here

These provided some interesting reads but it was important to give BetVictor account holders some useful information when it came to their Million Pound Goal Choice. Team previews were provided which offered insight into the country’s qualifying campaign and who, amongst their squad, provided the biggest goal threats.

Links Here

The promotion specifically required the punter to pick one goal scorer so it was logical to provide player profiles.

Links Here

…And to look away from the obvious choices and consider some outside picks

Links Here

As the tournament progressed we kept that balance between entertaining reads and more stats based content that was designed to help readers pick their Million Pound Man.

Links Here

Links Here

Finally, we provided a comprehensive stats heavy article based on 56 years of previous tournaments. This outlined important information such as.

Average time of the opening goal in each final

Who scored, – age range, position on field and more

Links Here

Clear steps

The final set of articles shows very clear steps in the campaign. The build up is perhaps the most important and for many events, the action won’t be spread across several weeks as it is with the European Championships.

If you were covering an event such as the Grand National, which is over in a matter of minutes, it’s all about the build up and possibly one final article to round things up after the race has taken place.

The extended tournament that was Euro 2016 did, however, give us the perfect opportunity to follow the build up with perfectly timed articles throughout the competition. At each stage, a round up was completed while all the time, the focus on the promotion was paramount.

The intention was to increase the anticipation for the Million Pound selection, which was made after the semi finals took place. In a sense, with that kind of money on the line, the competition sold itself and there was huge interest but, the campaign content was a perfect partner from kick off to the final whistle.

If you need help with campaign content for iGaming or any other industry, get in touch with 90 Digital right away.

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