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Become part of a remote team of digital strategists on a journey of self-management.

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To make it possible for innovators and changemakers to connect with the right digital audiences through expert online marketing services.

Our work is fuelled by the belief that organisations which make the world a better place deserve to have their voices heard – so we are committed to supporting them through excellent digital marketing services.

What makes us special?

Remote First

We are 100% remote, so location doesn’t stand in our way. We do what we know best – understand how the digital world works – and apply it to our working environment as well.

We are a team of 10 people spread across 5 countries that use simple tools and processes to communicate, collaborate and connect with one another. Every new member who joins the team gets to work from the location they choose – just like us all.

We work remotely with our clients as well  this is how we manage our client projects.

Self Management

In our pursuit to find a more suitable way to manage our remote agency, two years ago we started the transition towards self management.

This means that each member is personally responsible for planning their own work, coordinating their actions with other team members and taking the initiative to improve processes and generate better outcomes of their work. We use the advice process to make decisions internally and we have made salaries and our financial information easily accessible by all in the team – so each of us can act with full knowledge of what is going on in the agency.

Read more about our journey towards self-management

Flexible Schedule

We feel that work shouldn’t just happen in the form of  9-5 work days, 5 days a week – unless it is something that a person specifically chooses to do. Instead, we choose to switch the paradigm and believe that the “how, when and where from” of our work are best decided by each person individually – since it is each of us who know best when we are most productive. There are team and client meetings that each of us needs to make sure we attend – but the overall schedule and workflow is up to each one of us.

How we make the most of working autonomously

Getting Together

We get the whole team together once a year for one week – to work, discuss all things team and business development and play board games. We like locations with good weather and great food –  so far, we have had meetups in Spain and Italy.

In addition to our annual retreat, we also like to meet at various digital marketing events – even if it’s just some of us. Any opportunity we can create to get together works for us.

Cultural Diversity

We are a group of culturally diverse individuals, brought together by the love of all things digital and the drive to put our skills to work for organisations that make a positive difference in the world. We look at the differences between us as a strength and we love learning about each other’s customs, habits and culture. We love bringing people to the team that can teach us a little bit more about the world and whose interests outside the digital space are as different as possible.

Who are we looking for?


Self sufficient, passionate people that can help us both deliver excellent projects to our clients as well as contribute to shaping the company’s culture. Some of the key ingredients would be:

Autonomy & Accountability

High degrees of autonomy and accountability


We look for people with a growth mindset.

Confidence & Honesty

Being comfortable with speaking up and giving feedback


Showing love for all things digital.

How to apply

If you read all the above and your first reaction was ‘I want to be a part of this’, get in touch with us! Whether we have any current openings or not, we always like to connect with smart creatives that we could collaborate with in the long run.

Starting new collaborations is key to creating a great culture. We work on a ‘test and see’ basis and would give you a small project to start with. This way you can get an idea of what what it’s like to work with us and we can see if we’re a good fit.

To send us more information about your interests and skills, please apply below to tell us more about yourself. If we don’t currently have any suitable roles open, matching your skills and experience, we will get back to you with further information about new roles in the future, upcoming projects and the application process when they arise.

We look forward adding new members to our team of great people!

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Please note: We are not currently hiring. If you submit an on-spec application this will now not be reviewed until an opportunity opens.

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