We do a lot of digital PR these days. Core to that is outreach and relationship building, so we pay a lot of attention on how to connect with site owners and help them with great content and from there (hopefully) earn an editorially justifiable link in the process.

Anyhow Sam Miranda pinged me the other day with such a novel pitch, I thought it justified a link!

The Pitch:

Hi Nick,

My name’s Sam, and I’m a marketer / content strategist.

As a fellow iGaming link builder, I’d like to draw your attention to my presentation on white hat link building in the gambling industry, which outlines how I got links from sites such as The Bleacher Report and Gamasutra. I wrote a MOZ post a couple of months ago on the topic, and last week I followed this up by presenting at the London Affiliate Conference.

Here’s a link to the presentation if you’d like to check it out (hit download to access the full transcript):


I hope you find it interesting, and I’d be grateful if you could reference it in future blog post (I wouldn’t be doing my job otherwise!)


Sam Miranda
Senior Editor, Right Casino Media


My main takeaway is that he: 

  • Had something to talk about: the very good presentation at LAC
  • He lined up the content with something difficult to justify linking to i.e. a casino site
  • He placed that presentation on a casino site in a (just about) editorially justifiable way
  • Targeted me because I am relevant to his content, i.e. he knows I Love London Affiliate Conference because he obviously found an old post about me speaking there
  • His pitch was unusual and so stood out
  • He pitched in a really upbeat and friendly way

A good examples of creative Digital PR!


Nick Garner

Nick Garner

Nick is founder of 90 Digital. Previously he was head of search at Unibet and prior to that search manager Betfair.

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