A site’s backlink profile is still considered by Google as one of the most powerful elements that determine its relevance and therefore, the ranks of its pages on the search results. Read on to find out more and gain some useful insights to building links organically.

While in 2020 Google’s ranking criteria is continuously changing and evolving, there is one factor that prevails among the most relevant ones evidenced by the opinion of online marketers and by different recent studies. We are talking about backlinks. 

The quality and the quantity of backlinks will certainly improve your site’s organic position in Google’s search results. This means, building relevant links to your site is crucial and should always be on your agenda. If you think this is something which exceeds your level of knowledge or your time availability, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you!

This is still a fact as explained by Eric Wende, on a study performed months ago. They confirmed a strong correlation between backlinks and higher organic rankings in sites and topics related to different industries. 

Paid vs Organic

And what about the performance of organic links vs. paid links on Google’s search results? Well… Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz.com, and one of the most authoritative voices in the online marketing industry has published a highly detailed research study showing the huge difference on click-through rates between paid vs. organic search results. 

Despite the fact that Google gives much higher visibility to paid search results, people are still clicking on the organic ones, which constitutes a huge recognition to those who worked hard to produce relevant content for the web on a certain topic.

OK, links are crucial for SEO but… how do I build them naturally? 

Content is King and Context is Queen

Providing highly relevant content is key to getting relevant backlinks to your site and make it grow exponentially. Why? Because the whole online value chain benefits from it: 

  • Site owners and their audience enjoy and share insightful and high-quality posts. 
  • Google recognizes it as relevant for the topic and assigns a good ranking to it on the search results. 
  • The links you include within the text (such as the one pointing to your site) have a positive impact on rankings.

Outreach advice: there’s no secret formula

Short vs. long…. 

Highly detailed vs. ‘mysterious’ ones to catch their attention…. 

There’s no one size fits all formula when approaching editors and webmasters. 

You should try different ones. Start playing with different approaches and you’ll get the answer by keeping track of the metrics you get from your outreach efforts (reply rates, conversion rates, etc). 

And most importantly: be persistent! Keep looking for sites, keep contacting prospects and never give up. Soon, you will be immersed in trends, digging best practices and achieving your targets.

Don’t know where to start?

Make sure you meet the highest standards in terms of online strategists, PR specialists and content creators. This way you will set the right strategy, connect with relevant sites in your niche and get the best content out there immediately, even if you are not are not into online marketing at all. Team with a digital marketing agency.


Juan Vittori

Juan Vittori

Holding a degree in Marketing, Juan has worked for more than 10 years in a wide range of industries and became a seasoned online marketer. He is passionate about SEO, content optimisation, social media, email marketing and all things digital.

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