Sports Travel: Another competitive and crowded industry that has grown exponentially since the arrival of the digital age. It’s a multi-million-pound sector where it’s proving increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Different aspects

The most common form of sports travel is the one that we associate with some of the biggest events in the calendar. British Lions Rugby Tours, The Ashes Down Under, Football’s World Cup; these are some of the most popular sporting events around the globe, and the biggest travel companies have been providing packages to these for decades.

Beyond the spectator tours, there are trips for clubs and schools which usually take in a few games against local opposition. This is all very basic stuff, but the point is, does your potential customer know exactly what you’re providing when they first land on your home page?

A school, looking for an overseas tour and a few games of hockey will not get much joy from the Barmy Army; an operator that has been providing spectator trips in the cricket sector for many years. That’s an extreme example and, when you land on the Barmy Army website, you can tell instantly what it’s all about but is your own site quite so transparent?

There is enough competition within the overall industry without diluting your business by not making it abundantly clear as to what style of sports travel is on offer.

Why are we here?

This may be an obvious question but there are so many facets to a sports tour and, in such a competitive industry, they need to be made clear for an operator to stand out from a direct competitor.

If you are providing tickets for a specific event, when exactly and where is it taking place and what are the local start times? In the case of a tennis tournament or a cricket match where the event can run across several days, is there an option to buy further tickets, either through yourselves or at the ground in question and is there a refund policy in case of poor weather?

If the operator is organising matches against local teams, what do we know about those sides? Have they been matched against the visitors in terms of strength? There’s nothing like a humiliation against a home side to dampen the enthusiasm of any set of tourists.

Extra Curricular

Not every minute of the day is going to be taken up by watching or playing sport so your touring party would doubtless like to know about the local amenities. A general tour operator is obviously going to list facilities such as bars, restaurants, beaches, shopping, sightseeing and much more and a sports provider should be no different.

Some of your tourists will eat, breathe and sleep sport but this won’t apply to every member of the party, so it’s imperative that you list all the positive aspects of their locations. It’s a sports tour first, but it’s a general holiday as a very close second so don’t leave tourists confused as to what the locality is providing.

How can SEO help?

Search Engine Optimisation has the main, and most important target of driving your website up the pages of Google and other engines while harnessing the power of onsite and offsite content is also vital for getting your overall message across.

Website optimisation can firstly ensure that any visitor to your site will know from the very first glance as to what sector of the industry you are targeting so, whether you are offering tours simply for spectators, schools or for teams looking to play sport overseas, that will become apparent from the very first visit.

Content, both onsite and offsite can also have the double-edged effect of boosting your rankings and making sure your travellers know what to expect, and there’s lots to cover. Do you have a sporting ambassador leading the party? If so, let’s hear all about their career and achievements in the game.

Stadium information, recent results and history of the competition: These are all facets that make for fascinating reading and informing your potential customer while looking to boost your SEO ratings at the same time.
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Matt Harris

Matt Harris

A highly regarded and experienced sports writer, Matt manages content and Digital PR for our iGaming clients.

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