90 Digital has released a new report. This report analyses Google organic search data of 103 keywords over a period of 2.3 years. We want to understand which of the biggest US online brokers have won and lost Google traffic. We estimate traffic these websites receive and determine winners. We then look at the ups and downs during those years.

The report shows which US online brokers are winning, and which are losing the battle for prominence on Google. To do so, we analyse historic organic Google search results data about keywords related to financial trading.

It explains how the Share of Search metric is used to evaluate performance in SEO. This metrics estimates traffic using a model for click through rates and monthly keyword search volume. It measures percentage of total traffic a domain receives during a particular month from the keywords analysed. Share of Search is sometimes called ‘search visibility’ by vendors.
The report also analyses the prominence of the top 50 sites over the 2.3 years time span. We select the top 9 brokers out of this list.

Then is analysed how the Share of Search for each of the 9 online brokers have changed month by month over the last 2.3 years. We can easily determine who has won and who has lost.

Finally we compare how much each of our analysed brokers as won and lost. The winners and losers will emerge.

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