What is the risk of doing SEO in the iGaming sector? Keywords for casino, bingo, poker and sports-betting are very competitive because they are so commercially valuable. This means that if you want to compete, you have to play a hard-core game. This includes accepting the risk of penalties from Google and link devaluation. “No risk, no reward”.

What’s the Risk?

We want to understand this risk, how it is changing, and which sites are most exposed. For this noble cause, we gathered almost 70 thousand data points on Google rankings for iGaming and analysed how risk is changing. Our findings are documented in a report released today: Risk in iGaming SEO. Our most important finding is that risk of iGamin SEO is increasing.

The chart below shows how one way of measuring risk has doubled over the last 17 month. The actual amount of sites being hit fluctuates per month, but the upward trend is clear. It also seems likely it will remain going upwards, because Google is intensifying its ‘war on webspam’.


When we look further to see which sectors are most exposed, it seems that if you have a casino website, you should be most careful, because google has its eyes on you. This makes total sense when we notice how the cost per click (CPC) for casino keywords is a lot higher than for the other sectors. CPC is a metric from adWords, however it can be used to understand how much traffic from a keyword is worth, regardless whether it is paid or organic.

SEOriskiGaming1igaming-CPCFor more insights, download the report from our Reports page. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it! We like having a good conversation in the comments section.


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