Last September 2nd, part of the 90 team attended BrightonSEO, the biggest SEO conference in Europe. Whether it was the 6th or the 4th time attending the event, we still enjoyed it and had tons to learn from the talks. Here are some of our favourite presentations of the day.

Matt Harris picks:

Blogging from inside a conflict

The most enjoyable session from my point of view was provided by Maria White of Greenlight Digital whose talk was entitled Blogging from Inside a Conflict. This told the story of regular bloggers and freelance journalists and the important role they play in regards to bringing updates from inside a conflict zone – more specifically, in this case, Syria.

It was a powerful and moving session: one of the correspondents had filed a message to BrightonSEO before sustaining injuries in a barrel bomb blast later in the week. Overall, I enjoyed seeing the SEO element stripped back to an extent: the journalists in question weren’t concerned about ranking for keywords or natural integration of links and instead, this conveyed the power that pure content can still deliver in the digital age.

Ana Verissimo picks:

SEO is dead

The session I would like to highlight was provided by Michael Briggs of Skyscanner. Throughout the session, entitled “SEO is dead”, Michael walked us through some reasons why some people say that SEO is dead and how those working in the industry can challenge that claim.

Michael started by mentioning the major updates to the search algorithm and how SEOers reacted to that, he then went on to discuss why organic CTR is dropping (in two years, Position 1 decreased by 50% on desktop and 30% on mobile) and how that challenges SEO.  He believes that the way to go is to keep experimenting and learning.

Instead of trying to get around the updated search algorithm or simply following best practice guides, we should all be using our knowledge, data skills, curiosity and critical thinking to test new hypothesis, run experiments and learn from that.  This session was not about SEO being dead or not, instead it was a nice reflection of where SEO stands at the moment and what skills and attitude we can bring to the table to deal with all the changes taking place.

Just like Irishwonder said: “SEO’s not dead, just hungover a bit”.

Full presentation here:

Georgiana Floroiu picks:

Reputation Roadkill

This edition of BrightonSEO had a special lunchtime keynote and I can admit it was worth skipping lunch for Andy Beal’s talk. His presentation entitled “Reputation Roadkill: learning from the biggest brands’ biggest blunders” included 15 examples of brands or individuals whose reputation went wrong.

He got our attention by stating that “83% of businesses will suffer a crisis in the next 5 years”, underlying the importance of reputation management. One of the examples he gave was Tesco tweeting “It’s sleepy time so we’re off to hit the hay!” right in the middle of a horsemeat scandal. The company blamed it on a scheduled tweet, so the learning here was to not automate engagement or at least to keep a close eye on the posts we schedule. 

Beal continued by saying that 87% of consumers will tie your personal reputation to your business, therefore think twice before tweeting because 40 characters are more than enough to ruin your company’s reputation and yours.

Full presentation here:

Matt Harris

Matt Harris

A highly regarded and experienced sports writer, Matt manages content and Digital PR for our iGaming clients.

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