In these current times, many of you will now find yourselves working from home, some of you for the first time. If you have pets, this can add a different dynamic to your working day…mostly in a good way, of course!

You’ll get an insight into their day and they will no doubt love the company you’re now bringing to them.  You’ll discover that they have their own little routines and, if you have a dog, see who they say hello *bark* to on a regular basis!  The cats will relish in lounging over all your paperwork and walking across your keyboard, adding their thoughts to your latest company email!…*handy tip, make sure you proofread every single document before you send anything to your boss or co-workers!  They’ve even been known to rotate your screen 180 degrees..How clever.

There are some things you can do to transition yourselves and your pets into this new arrangement so that everyone settles into a new routine quickly… *excludes cats as we all know they do whatever the hell they like!

Pets love Routine

Pets love routine, so try and stick to walking the dogs at the same time and keeping meal times the same. If you do want to change your timings, allowing yourselves a bit more of a lay in for example (again good luck with that if you have cats!), try and do this gradually to cause the least amount of stress and stop them from taking this out on your carpets…although if you have cats then your carpets are probably already sporting the frayed look in places…if not, what’s your secret??

Pets working from home

Distraction Techniques

If you’ve come from a workplace where you regularly come into contact with other people, working from home can feel incredibly lonely.  Pets will help combat this whilst you each benefit from the other being at home. However, if you have an important video meeting lined up, you may want to think of ways to occupy your pet so you can continue in peace!  That being said, when a pet does make an appearance on video calls, it’s normally met with quite a bit of excitement from the other callers.  A new toy or a toy you can fill with treats is a great idea and will keep your dog entertained for a good while.  Cats on the other hand, don’t care if you’re in the middle of a video call with your boss or colleagues, they’ll happily make their presence known!  In this instance, I suggest finding a room where you can shut out said cat.

Pets working from home

Daily Exercise

Whilst we are in lockdown here in the UK, we are allowed one form of outdoor exercise a day.  If you have a dog, this would mean your daily dog walk.  Making sure you all get your exercise daily is important for both you and your pets.  Depending on your normal routine, scheduling a dog walk before you need to knuckle down to some serious graft is a good way to get the adrenaline and endorphins flowing. You’ll have  gotten it out the way so you can focus on your work and your dog will have had their exercise and thus happy to sleep it off for the next few hours!  Cats tend to sleep a lot during the day (except for when you have important work to do, of course, then they’re ready and waiting!). That said, if you do have a cat that enjoys playing, spending 5-10 minutes in the morning and afternoon will help get them moving and exercising, plus they do really love our company.

Pets working from home

Here at 90 Digital, we’re fully accustomed to working from home with our pets on a regular basis and so this is all familiar territory for us, that’s not to say we have any of the above successfully managed, we are after all working in the same environment as our pets and if they want fuss they will probably get the fuss!

*Disclaimer, we really do love all animals, including cats, but lets face it they are a law unto themselves!

Carly Morson

Carly Morson

Specialising in link building and client outreach, Carly has over eight years experience in meeting client deadlines and managing budgets. Her areas of interest are travel, healthcare and the gaming industry.

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