What is it that we most love about working with 90 Digital? The freedom. The trust. The autonomy. The challenges. The learnings. And oh, did I already mention freedom?

Right in the middle of it all lies what we believe in and how we all choose to work together. We feel that work shouldn’t happen just in the form of  9am to 5pm work days, 5 days/week in an office – unless it is something that a person specifically chooses to do. Instead, we choose to switch the paradigm and believe that the “how, when and where from” of our work are best decided by each person individually – since it is each of us who know best when we are most productive.


All 90ers work remote from different parts of the world and we all have complete freedom to design our own physical working environments that allow us to be at our best every single day.

Technology brings us all together and facilitates the communication bit of the equation. And for us there is something refreshing about starting team meetings with a roundup of where each of the team members is calling from and what they are doing there.


But in order for freedom to equal performance, it requires an extra ingredient from every single person we work with: a great deal of autonomy. We are an organization with a flat structure, lacking the hierarchy that you can still find in most of today’s organizations.

We work project based and/or in teams, with every person being responsible of their own decisions – so we do not expect to be told what to do. There is also a great deal of autonomy needed in terms of skills development – there is of course learning happening within the team,while solving problems and working on specific projects, but ultimately it is each 90er who needs to take the initiative and to be the driver of the learning processes that are relevant for them.


The last and equally important piece of the puzzle? Accountability. As mentioned above, our flat autonomous structure removes traditional management lines found in hierarchical organizations. Which means that it puts every one of us 90ers directly responsible in front of our clients for the work we deliver. We believe that freedom always comes hand in hand with accountability in order to get the best possible results in such a flexible environment.

How did we all find each other and start working together, you may ask?

Whenever there is a need for new people to join us, we look for self sufficient, passionate people that can help us both deliver excellent projects to our clients as well as  contribute to shaping the company’s culture.

You find us talking about vacancies on our website, on various platforms (Odesk, PeoplePerHour, Elance) and on social media networks (Twitter, LinkedIn). On some of the platforms we might come looking for you (if we find you and we believe you might be a suitable fit) or you might find our job ad and decide to contact us.

What Do You Look For in a 90er?

We highly prize the power of networks – so we always use the personal networks of 90ers as an important way to spread the word about the positions we have available. We also love hanging out at PR/marketing/ SEO events all year long and we’re always interested in finding new people to discuss ideas and find common ground with – so keep an eye on the next events and we might find each other there.

Depending on the role, we might start with a short test that will evaluate certain skills essential for the open position. Next up is a discussion with a small part of our team, to talk about who you are and how we could work together. In case of a good match between you and us, following the interview will be a test project during which time you will have the chance to understand better how we work and if we are suitable for a longer-term collaboration.

And even when somebody’s skills & knowledge don’t match a particular role opening that we have, we’re still curious to get to know you. Because what matters most in the people we work with is the attitude – being curious, full of initiative & ideas and functioning really well in such a flexible, autonomous environment.

Being a go getter, having initiative and drive to deliver good results instead of waiting to be given tasks. So whenever we spot talent and we find somebody we’d like to work with, we’re interested in having them become part of 90 Digital and building a role for them according to their interests and skills.

This is, in brief, what the 90 Digital experience means for 90ers that choose to become part of it. It is an experience shaped by every new person joining the team – and designed around the principles of freedom, autonomy and accountability. An experience where each of us gets to decide when and how work happens so that it supports us in being most productive, creative and inspired. Ultimately, it’s not from where or how we work, it’s what we deliver that matters.

p.s If you have any further questions or enquiries, give us a shout at talent@90digital.com. We’ll answer shortly, probably from the ‘office of the day’ – a jazzy coffee shop, a funky co-working space or a comfortable sofa at home.



Ana Marica

Ana Marica

With a background in international marketing and talent management, Ana is currently driving online social engagement and handles new talent in the team. She is passionate about the future of work, new technologies and alternative education models.

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