To help you understand the process, we have done a walk through on how the free audit works:

Part A: Scoring your brand and major product keywords.

For this walk through we have picked a company called La Prairie who specialises in high end cosmetics.


We look at your brand using a tool  called SEMrush this tells us what keywords you rank for and which keywords are most important to you. Typically the brand search is the most important phrase a company has by a huge margin.


Here the keyword ‘La Prairie’  accounts for about 66%  of all traffic to the site.  We then do a Google search for the keyword that matters most to the company. Obviously it’s going to be ‘la prairie’.

Your challenge is to find content that will persuade you, the potential buyer…


Obviously this is a general search for the brand. As you see there is very little to amaze me and persuade me to buy La Prairie.   (here is the search used). We would give this an OPS score of  zero because there is nothing positive and compelling, nor is there anything negative. The results are totally neutral and would not persuade an unsure potential customer.

Let’s narrow this down to a particular La Prairie product called ‘Creme De La Mer’.


Do you notice something? There was only one positive entry about the product and and amazon review set with only 3/5 stars (link) along with a damning article from the Mail (link). A link to the search results is here. We would score this -10, however the Daily Mail article is damning of the product and tells us that a £530 pot of cream costs about £25 to manufacture.

If you were unsure about buying this product, would you buy it even if you read the Mail article?

There are products that show up really well on search results  like Boots Protect and Perfect.

We would give this an OPS score of 100 because every search result is positive. Even the manufacturer (Boots)  has user reviews of the product on its site.

This just highlights the power of persuasive content online.

Part B: Looking for negative searches that could damage your brand.

We do an Ubersuggest search. In this case were interested in the keyphrase ‘creme de la mer’.


We then take these keywords and run them through Google keyword tool

From this data we do a ‘Share of search report’ to see what sites and content ranks for our basket of phrases. From this we can identify hot spot content.  Essentially the share of search report scans Google results and then aggregates the information on one spreadsheet showing what content ranks for what key phrase ad where.

We can now identify the sensitive content that needs to be dealt with. In this case it is the Daily Mail story mentioned beforehand.


We then look at the competition levels for those keywords to work out roughly what it will take to out rank the competition and push out the offending content. For this we use MajesticSEO


Preface: Google uses the number and quality of links to a page as an indicator of the importance of that page. Conceptually it’s like a vote. This report shows us that there are a reasonable number of sites linking into this page, which explains why it ranks so well across the different keywords.


And we can see what sites link into the Daily Mail page.  All this tells us that it’s a reasonably big job to push out this story from the 1st page of Google results, whilst also promoting other better content onto the page.

Saying all of this, it’s all very achievable and this example shows how important dealing with this kind of thing is.

We hope this gives you a general idea on how our free audit works. What will you find out about your brand?

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Nick Garner

Nick Garner

Nick is founder of 90 Digital. Previously he was head of search at Unibet and prior to that search manager Betfair.