When you’re producing hundreds of pieces of linkbuilding content, the biggest challenge is to come up with fresh ideas. Being ‘unique’ is virtually impossible but standing out from the crowd is important for many reasons.

Sometimes however, the simplest of ideas can attract the most attention, providing that your timing is spot on.

Client requirements

At 90 Digital we don’t subscribe to the theory that a link is a link and that little thought should go into the subject and the quality of the writing. We have been involved in a number of onsite campaigns from iGaming clients and believe that the same high standards in terms of content should apply to both our onsite and offsite articles.

As for subject matter, our general brief from the client is to react to topical news stories and to write an engaging article that really provokes a discussion. We are instructed to find active sites where readers are happy to offer their thoughts on a piece and to continue the debate.

A good number of comments and social shares are central to the brief.

Waiting to pounce

On 19th April 2015, Liverpool lost their FA Cup semi final to Aston Villa despite being hot favourites to win the game. The team had recently been hammered 4-1 by Arsenal and having challenged for two trophies and a top four position for some time, their season was starting to unravel.

The loss to Villa, who were relegation threatened at the time, sparked a wave of negative comments on social media, aimed towards the club and their manager Brendan Rodgers.

Tweet from Footy Humour

Tweets from Footy Jokes and Ryan Bailey

For us at 90Digital, this represents a Perfect Storm and our reaction was ready the very next day.

Snippet of article on The Liverpool Way


In this instance, choosing the subject matter is easy but finding the pitch can be tricky, particularly as our writer was a Liverpool supporter! It’s important to tap into the readers’ collective angst but without crossing a line and letting vitriol take over.

The published article was therefore balanced and provided the platform that viewers needed in order to vent their spleen.

Screenshot of 235 comments

The comments started on April 21st – as soon as the post was published but the article has longevity too. At the time of writing, readers of the site were still adding their thoughts on May 23rd – more than a month after the publication date.

Basic Toolbox

In this instance, the subject matter had virtually chosen itself but there are two vital ingredients that added to the article’s success.

  • A strong bank of writers who are ready to react immediately to a breaking story and can provide next day or same day content.
  • Site owners who are ‘onside’: Those who trust us, have accepted articles in the past and are available to take content at short notice.

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple: A Holy Trinity of the right site owner, the best writer for the job and a breaking news story results in a link building article that attracts optimum attention.

Matt Harris

Matt Harris

A highly regarded and experienced sports writer, Matt manages content and Digital PR for our iGaming clients.

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