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90 Digital

We are a team of online marketing strategists creating digital campaigns that make it possible for innovators and changemakers to connect with the right online audiences.

Our Values

Accountabilty by Choice

Being accountable of our work is a choice that we make daily and we are each responsible for getting things done on time and on point, keeping our deadlines, and fulfilling our promises to our colleagues and clients.

Transparency by Default

We practice open communication and share all our work with the rest of the team, making sure everybody has access to the status of each project, our financial situation and salaries levels across the team.

Growth by Practice

Any skill or talent can be learned through deliberate practice. There is constant learning happening on the spot – but there is also a long term, conscious learning process driven by each individual in the team.

Impact through Integrity

We treat people with fairness and kindness and aim to support as many clients as possible that have a positive impact in the world and share similar values with us.

Collaborative Autonomy

We are self starters taking the initiative to develop and implement new projects and ideas – but we work together with others to ensure we achieve results in everything we do, asking for help and providing feedback in order to help get things done.

Freedom by Design

We set our own rules regarding how work gets done, how we function as a team and the direction that the company takes.

Each person needs to be responsible in the choices they make and ensure that taking advantage of all the freedom available includes getting things done with a high degree of responsibility.

Our work is fuelled by the vision of a sustainable world transformed by the power of innovative and purpose-driven organisations – so we are committed to supporting them through excellent digital marketing services.

Putting SEO at the core of everything that we do, our portfolio of services covers a wide range of online marketing solutions. These ensure that search engines successfully find and index our clients’ websites and that their businesses interact easily with potential customers and stakeholders.

Behind the conversions, the analytics and the audits, we are a team of people with a passion for understanding the digital world and a soft spot for analysing and improving online user behaviour. We started out in 2012 as a London-based agency, but decided to switch to remote work shortly after. Having the advantage of being able to work with businesses located anywhere in the world, our specialists go above and beyond to make sure the clients we partner with maximise their online marketing efforts and reach their target customers online.

Meet Our Team


Georgiana Floroiu

Head of Strategy

As Head of Strategy with eight years experience in strategic planning and project management, and a degree in persuasive communication, Georgiana is passionate about consumer behaviour and experience economy.
Lefteris Eleftheriou Headshot

Lefteris Eleftheriou

Content Strategist

With a background in technology, sales and the arts, Lefteris manages numerous Digital PR projects for our clients. He particularly enjoys working on campaigns in the real estate industry and experimenting with new ways of working.
Catalina Contoloru Headshot

Catalina Contoloru

People Operations Strategist

Passionate about organisational development and the future of work, Catalina designs the processes for 90 Digital and shapes our culture as a self-managed team. With a background in economics, management and HR, she takes care of our business operations.
Kayleigh Stubbs Headshot

Kayleigh Stubbs

Conversion & Analytics Strategist

With over seven years experience in media and communications and a love of writing, design and technology, Kayleigh looks after analytics and conversion rate optimisation for our clients.
Jose Calvo Headshot

Jose Calvo

Digital PR Specialist

Specialising in health and medical law, Jose has an educational background in social communications and advertising, and has over seven years experience working in the field of digital marketing.
Ana Marica Headshot

Ana Marica

Recruitment Specialist

With a background in international marketing and talent management, Ana is currently driving online social engagement and handles new talent in the team. She is passionate about the future of work, new technologies and alternative education models.
Willem Nout Headshot

Willem Nout

SEO Strategist

With a background in communications and more than 7 years of experience in Technical SEO, Willem is leading the "nerdy" part of SEO by performing Technical SEO audits, analysing site structure and improving all the aspects of a website that can increase relevant organic traffic.
Dirk Ceuppens Headshot

Dirk Ceuppens

Technical SEO Specialist

With a background in engineering and more than 18 years of experience in Digital Marketing and SEO, Dirk has a passionate interest in Technical SEO, Data Science and Machine Learning.
Juan Vittori Headshot

Juan Vittori

Digital PR Specialist

Holding a degree in Marketing, Juan has worked for more than 10 years in a wide range of industries and became a seasoned online marketer. He is passionate about SEO, content optimisation, social media, email marketing and all things digital.

Carly Morson

PR Specialist

Specialising in link building and client outreach, Carly has over eight years experience in meeting client deadlines and managing budgets. Her areas of interest are travel, healthcare and the gaming industry.

Marina Manopella

PR Specialist

Has a degree in PR and Public Relations. And 8 years of extensive experience in link building and client outreach. Has worked in different markets and for clients in Europe and Latin America. Mom of a small child, happy wife and sports lover.
She really enjoys helping her clients achieve their dreams of seeing their projects grow.

Meet Our Sister Company

We are part of the same group of businesses as ICS-digital, a global, multilingual marketing agency with epic reach.

ICS Digital Logo

17 Years of Digital, Content and Translations

ICS is helping household names and challengers to build their brands, engage customers and grow internationally since 2002. Their core departments are digital, content and translations.

Fully Integrated Campaigns, Content-Fuelled Growth

From digital advertising to exceptional translation, localisation and rich video, audio and editorial content marketing - ICS has an international approach to client growth.

A Global View Of Customer Acquisition and Brand

ICS’s head office is in the heart of England, but they have national and international teams and work collaboratively to meet the goals of their ambitious clients.

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