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Sports Travel: How SEO can get your message across

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  Sports Travel: Another competitive and crowded industry that has grown exponentially since the arrival of the digital age. It’s a multi-million-pound sector where it’s proving increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Different aspects The most common form…

Medical SEO Insights

How to Create a Medical SEO Strategy that will increase traffic

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Google is not the doctor, you are One in 20 searches on Google are health related, and typing (soon enough, speaking) symptoms became the default behaviour for medical questions. Health-related searches can have multiple goals – to learn about symptoms,…

Finding your online voice

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The internet explosion has opened up so many opportunities for freelance writers who had previously lacked any form of creative outlet. Those of us who remember back to the pre-digital age will recall how hard it was to get published…

Time to review online reviews?

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Lately I’ve come across a few articles debating the veracity of online reviews and what some big names like Amazon are doing to shorten the number of false reviews. Apparently, one woman reviewed 30,000 books on Amazon, if this reviewer…

Why bother having a blog?

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As marketers asking ‘why?’ should always be the first step in deciding what activity to take on but unfortunately is one that is often missed. Without knowing why we want to do something we have no way of knowing how…

It’s a Google world – how should brands react to it?

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There are now more than 900 million websites on the internet, more than 3 billion internet users and the time spent online keeps (obviously) going up. The media consumption is higher than it’s ever been, and there’s a world of…

The importance of knowing your target when doing a Link Building campaign

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Many years ago, I remember how amazed I was with Wikipedia and the open encyclopedia concept, it was so easy to access information about anything. I would spend hours jumping from one page to another, going deeper into a particular…

ebook: Rethink Your Content Marketing

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With more than 200 pages and chapters from over 30 contributors, including best selling author Avanish Kaushik, 90 Digital CEO Nick Garner writes about Organic Marketing , Driving Social Influence This must-have eBook explains how content marketing is changing the PR,…

Why relationships are the new creative advertising

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Good news to all creatives, who don’t work in high-powered ad firms. Thankfully, we’re moving towards a world, where anyone with a good idea has power to influence others. The internet is the best and the most trusted source of information on any subject,…

SEO content strategies for ‘money keywords’ and long tail queries

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Content, links, Google rankings, organic traffic, and revenue. They are all related, but their connection can be confusing. In this post I will outline two strategies for integrating content with SEO. We separate long tail keywords from the head. The head…

SEO Planning for Content Companies

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Your clients get a solid plan of action that always involves you up-selling content. Clients rank on keyphrases they care about. Everyone wins. We work with content companies to make SEO easy. Since the key to doing well on Google…

Some thinking on content

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Summary We have a simple 5 point process for our clients that makes your content work harder for you. Our process puts content at the center of how your brand is represented online. Our content is written and produced to talk with those people…